New admissions program provides scholarship support to children of employees at corporate partners

“The program helps companies reduce staff turnover, build affinity for the organization and support their own talent strategies and needs."

A new admissions program allows children of partner organizations to receive scholarship support, co-op job placements and -- potentially -- have job offers awaiting them upon graduation.

The Corporate Admissions Partner Program (CAPP) allows companies to partner with Kettering University to facilitate the development of their own highly trained workforce. The program, which launched as a pilot in 2015 in partnership with Lear and Delphi, allows partner companies to offer scholarships to academically qualifying children of employees. Once admitted to Kettering, the companies provide financial support to fund the students’ education. The students then work in co-op placements with the company and, upon fulfilling graduation requirements, receive job offers from the company.

“CAPP allows companies to partner with Kettering in the development of their future workforce,” said Kip Darcy, Vice President for Marketing, Communications and Enrollment at Kettering. “The program helps companies reduce staff turnover, build affinity for the organization and support their own talent strategies and needs. It’s a great way to play a key role in recruiting and retaining talent while at the same time offering a great benefit to employees and their families by assisting in the funding of the cost of a college education.”

In the pilot phase of the program, six  students  enrolled at Kettering through CAPP, including students from India, South Korea and Mexico.

Asmita Sawhney '20 (left) and Alan Ramos '20

“The CAPP student program has not only helped me financially but it also helped me secure a co-op position and a job after graduation,” said Asmita Sawhney ‘20, a Computer Science major and daughter of a Delphi employee. “This has helped me in staying focused on my academic growth and progress. The CAPP program aids students financially and encourages them to work harder. It would helps the companies to mold loyal employees out of amateur students.”

Participating companies benefit by getting to nurture the development of a student, starting from the beginning of their undergraduate education and resulting in a well-rounded employee in tune with the company’s needs upon graduation.

“There is a mutual benefit from the CAPP program for both the students and companies,” said Alan Ramos ‘20, a Mechanical Engineering major and the son of a Lear employee. “It is like an investment. Companies get to invest in young engineers, help them and see them grow, and finally, reap what they sowed.”

More information about the Corporate Admissions Partner Program is available on Kettering University’s website.