Kettering students, faculty present research at Michigan Academy of Science, Arts and Letters

Several Kettering University students presented research at the 2018 Michigan Academy of Science, Arts and Letters at Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.

On March 9, more than a dozen students and faculty presented their work as either talks or posters. Research areas ranged from microbiology to chemistry to engineering.

Kettering University Biology faculty member Michelle Ammerman described it as a student-friendly conference.

“Students get a lot of advice from other professors,” she said. “They get to see a lot of research they wouldn’t ordinarily get to see.”

Tee Chuanromanee ’18, a Computer Science major, gave a talk in the Botany and Plant Ecology section titled "MASS: a tool for Morphological Analysis of Size and Shape of leaves."

“Working on research with Dr. Gillian Ryan and Dr. Jim Cohen is incredibly satisfying, and being given the chance to present it felt like the culmination of my hard work,” they said. “Being the only computer science student in a room full of botanists and plant ecologists was intimidating, but it gave me a deeper appreciation of the work that these scientists do.”

MASAL conference 2018

In the engineering session, five of the seven presentations were from Kettering students and faculty.

Javad Baqersad, Mechanical Engineering faculty member, said the conference is good practice for presentation skills and allows students to interact with other fields. He helped organize the engineering session.

“Everyone was very helpful and gave great insights for our project. There was so much to learn from so many different disciplines that it was hard to choose just a few talks to attend—I wanted to listen to them all,” Chuanromanee said.

In addition to the Kettering students and faculty, several students who had participated in Kettering’s Research Experiences for Undergraduate (REU) program presented posters at the event.

Here’s a list of the research Kettering faculty and students presented at the conference:


“Characteristics of innovation development as a business process.” Lawrence Navarre, Kettering University; Rasik Borkar, Kettering University

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

“Assessment of the Influence of temperature and pressure on medicinal properties of black chokeberry extracts using supercritical carbon dioxide with an ethanol modifier.” Allison Seeley, Scott Christine, Cameron Krivitsky, Cheryl Samaniego, Lihua Wang, Michelle Ammerman, and Jonathan Wenzel, Kettering University

Botany and Plant Ecology

“MASS: a tool for Morphological Analysis of Size and Shape of leaves.” Tya Chuanromanee, Kettering University; James Cohen, Kettering University; Gillian Ryan, Kettering University

“Investigating intraindividual variation and mutation in an apple tree (Malus domestica).” Jim Cohen, Kettering University; Gillian Ryan, Kettering University; Salomon Turgman-Cohen, Kettering University; Christina Wheeler, Grand Valley State University


“Determination of the composition, antioxidant capacity, and antiproliferative activity of black walnut (Juglans nigra) husk extracts.” Marissa Bradley, Lawrence Technological University; Jonathan Wenzel, Michelle Ammerman, Cheryl Samaniego, Lihua Wang, Eli Ward, and Elizabeth Milanov; Kettering University


“Energy-aware job scheduling in parallel machine production systems.” Farnaz Ghazi Nezami, Kettering University

“A DIC approach to extract operating mode shapes of automotive body panels with complex geometry.” Vanshaj Srivastava, Javad Baqersad, Kettering University

“Use of unmanned aerial vehicle in structural health monitoring of wind turbine through DIC technique.” Ashim Khadka; Javad Baqersad, Kettering University

“Investigating the effects of clathrin-coated pit size distribution of productive and abortive pit lifetimes.” Alexis R. Siegel, Kettering University; Gillian L. Ryan, Kettering University

“Investigation of interaction strength dependence on the growth rate for clathrin-coated pits.” Salley S. Dagher, Kettering University; Gillian L. Ryan, Kettering University


“Identification and inhibition of bacteria in automotive paint wastewater.” Taryn Sabey and Michelle Ammerman, Kettering University

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