Kettering faculty and students present at 2017 MASAL conference

Faculty and students from multiple departments presented at the annual Michigan Academy of Science and Letters conferences.


Faculty and students from multiple departments presented at the annual Michigan Academy of Science and Letters conferences on Friday, March 10 at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Dr. Gillian Ryan and Dr. Ronald Tackett from the Physics department at Kettering also co-chaired the sessions on Engineering and Physics.

“Communication skills are essential for students graduating from the STEM and Business fields, whether they plan on directly entering the workforce after Kettering, or are considering further academic studies,” Ryan said. “By enabling students to present their work at a conference, to professionals in their field of study, faculty are providing students with an authentic opportunity to showcase their communication skills in a forum outside the classroom. Conference presentations, and the work that goes into preparing for them, provide meaningful experiential learning opportunities for our students.”

Below is the summary of the presentations made by faculty and students at Kettering University.

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Ruthenium Cymene and Ruthenium Benzene: potential anti-cancer compounds?
Seth Hillaker, Zachary Kaiser, Dr. Lihua Wang and Dr. Cheryl Samaniego


Influence of extraction conditions on antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of black walnut husk extracts.
Kayla Topping, Elijah Ward, Majed Alzahabi, Alec Gradl, Dr. Michelle Ammerman, Dr. Cheryl Samaniego, and Dr. Lihua Wang,

Kinetic studies between catechins and cytochrome c, and the synthesis of fluorescent catechin derivatives for use in in vivo tracking studies.
Michael Thomas, Dr.Montserrat Rabago Smith, Dr. Veronica R. Moorman, Dr. Cheryl Samaniego and Dr. Lihua Wang.

Study of the interaction of Ru(II)-mono-arene complexes with serum proteins.
Kelsey Lemke, Hossein Tabrizi, Christopher Logan Sancraint, Haara Gebissa, Dr. Veronica Moorman and Dr. Lihua Wang.

Engineering and Physics

A predictive model of intraorganism genetic heterogeneity within apple trees.
Eli Ashwal, Dr. Gillian Lynn Ryan, Dr. James Cohen and Dr. Salomon Turgman-Cohen

The investigation of smart nanoparticles for use in hyperthermia treatment of cancer.
Megan Allyn and Dr. Ronald Tackett

Crystallographic orientation using polarized Raman scattering intensity analysis.
Dr. Uma Ramabadran and; Bahram Roughani, Loyola College

Controlling the duration of latent heat recovery by modifying the interfacial free energy at the solvent/crystal boundary.
Jason Chapman, Dr. Uma Ramabadran and Dr. Gillian L. Ryan

A semi empirical tire model for improved ride and comfort dynamics.
Madhu Kandampadath and Dr. Javad Baqersad

Environmental Science and Ecology

Municipal solid waste characterization and forecast in the state of Michigan.
Dr. Farnaz Ghazi Nezami, Ke Xu and Yair de Jesus Obregon Cortes


Local dependence structure of the bivariate normal distribution.
Dr. Boyan Dimitrov