2016 Kettering University Year in Review

A summary of all the 2016 campus, community and alumni news at Kettering University.


Dr. Laura Sullivan, professor of Mechanical Engineering, delivered the 2016 Kettering University Commencement address on June 18, 2016 in the Recreation Center on campus.

Below is a summary of all the news at Kettering University in 2016.

Campus News

In 2016, Kettering launched a home loans programs for staff and faculty and hosted Brookings Institution on campus.

Rankings and Recognitions

Kettering University continued to climb in national rankings in 2016.

Academic and Research News

Kettering University faculty expanded research opportunities for current and future students on campus by engaging in long-term projects.

Student News

Students at Kettering University participated in extracurricular activities on campus while giving back to the greater Flint community. 


Kettering University alumni flourished in their careers while giving back to campus in 2016. 

Announcements and Appointments

Kettering University restructured its academics by moving to a college system in 2016. 

2016 Commencement

The class of 2016 was celebrated at the Recreation Center on campus on June 18, 2016. 

FIRST Robotics

Kettering University became the first district competition site in the United State to host back-to-back FIRST Robotics competitions in 2016. 


Supporters of Kettering University submitted editorials to instruct current students on how to be successful while on campus. 


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